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Pflueger USA
260 JR Hawvermale Way
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Contact: Belle Noorzai
P: 877-735-8872
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Over 60 years ago Georg Pflüger, a German Naturopath, developed formulas to successfully treat his patients. Since then his son and now his grandson established and maintained "Homoeopathisches Laboratorium A. Pflüger." They improved these combination homeopathic formulas, both in composition and efficacy, and added additional formulas through studies and documentation of patient response.

Product quality, efficacy, and price point are just some of the factors that influence your choice of a homeopathic product. Pflueger USA makes that choice easy with a reasonably priced, comprehensive product line that offers low potency, combination remedies in attractive packaging supported by clinical research and excellent results.

Pflueger USA products are manufactured in the USA, utilizing the best raw ingredients to ensure high quality and effective medicines. These formulas are tried and true remedy combinations, helpful to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of common ailments, including sports injuries, allergies, detoxification and stress, among others.

A selection of the most effective products is now for sale in retail stores in the United States. The retail line features dosage in tablet, dilution and ointment form. With easy-to-read indications, detailed inserts and clear product names this product line is ideal for consumers.

In addition, the extensive Pfluegerplex product line is now available and is designed with professionals in mind. These products, available in 100 ml dilutions, offer support for a wide range of conditions with a focus on specific ailments ranging from menopausal symptoms to migraines, gastrointestinal issues, and inflammation of the joints and muscles.

Request an information packet to receive information and samples of featured products. Visit for additional information and downloadable clinical trials and case reports.

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